SavaS™ is a Suite of Software Platforms that can be used individually or in any combination

SavaS™ has brought together all business software elements and functionality that you require, working harmoniously to create efficiency. SavaS™ provides the tools for you to customize the software for your specific business model.

SavaS™ Software Categories


Point of Sale


Booking Engine


Call Center


Vacation Club


Logistics and Transportation


All the Touristic Experience on a Smart TV

SavaS™ Software Platforms


Is a point of sale business software platform, including mobile application, that enables interconnectivity within a company and between businesses creating unlimited distribution and management tools.


Manages all functionality of Made™ in a call center environment. Sof™ has all of the functionality of a traditional call center, and many additional unique features


TS™ is a platform to manage all processes of marketing, sales of vacation clubs. The entire process includes the members interface, concierge, perks, reservations and member information.


The most comprehensive and powerful tool to control logistics and transportation: Car™ provides the highest level of service. Security for travelers and drivers, and a powerful management. Everything is interconnected in one control panel.


Is a booking engine that creates interconnectivity. It integrates PMS: Property management system; CMS: Management system for guest rooms and sales rooms (vacation club); HR: Manage staff and Financial Management

SavaS™ platforms

Advantages of SavaS™

• All SavaS™ platforms can integrate with your existing systems or provide a low cost more efficient alternative.

• SavaS™ provides an affordable alternative to existing hospitality software platforms.

• SavaS™ is scalable and improves the efficiency of any size enterprise

• SavaS™ has an in-house team of integration experts to make the implementation of any platform simple.

• SavaS™ does not require any capital investment in equipment

• SavaS™ is a paperless option for, reservations, converters, confirmations, itinerary payment & check-in.

Who is using SavaS™?


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